Glossary +

Introduction to this page

This page is used for a number of things, but these things all center around information that my be beneficial to me in the future. This page will contain links to the notes that I type up. These notes are important to reflect on as I go through my course. Also on this page is the filmizer information and reviews and the glossary. The glossary is going to be referred to during my assignments as it hold all the definitions of technical phrases I will be using. The filmizer is good because it can inspire me in future projects.

Below are the links to each semesters noted, which I can refer to whenever I like.

The links below are for each section of the glossary. Click on one of the links below to go to that thread…

Filmizer List

The filmizer is a pre-term task I was given. The task is to watch 5 films I haven’t seen before and write about it in a blog post. Click on a link below to view the blog post associated with the film I have watched.


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