23/09/2011 WBL – Log:

Today I went through another of the assignment briefs.

I learnt quite a bit about what I have to do in this assignment today. The deadline for this one is 14th October so it has to be completed soon. The first thing I have to do is to choose one of the sites from the brief and then find a skill set that matched what career I want to go down. After that I read that there are a number of tasks relating to this.

I cannot comment on the success of any tasks because I have only just been set the task. The next post will contain more information because I would have started the task.

I also cannot comment on the solutions to any tasks, again because I have only just been given the task.


19/09/2011 WBL – Log:

I did not do much in the way of work in my first PDP lesson. However, I was given a large amount of paper work to fill out that will help me see what skills I posses and what I can do with these skills.

Today I learnt a bit about PDP (Personal Development Planning). I learnt that PDP can help with finding out what skills I have and how I can use them to help me in different situations. I was given a large amount of paperwork to fill in that will help me see what skills I posses and how I could use them. I also learnt about a very key concept put forward by Stella Cottrell. This concept is to do with PDP and how each sections ties into everyday life. These sections also tie into each other. The first of the sections is how PDP can help in a personal perspective. For example I learnt that PDP can help me feel more confident by knowing what skills I have.By knowing what skills I have, I gain confidence while talking to other people and even employees. The second section I learnt was how PDP can help me in an academic perspective. For example, knowing my skills and abilities helps me realize my potential what I can do with my life and certain situations. If I find out I have good leadership skills, I might have the potential to become a leader. The final second that PDP can help me with is professional. For example, while knowing what skills I have and so on, it can help with the direction I want to take with my career. A good example of this is say I have both skills in front end design and back end coding, but I happen to be better at one than the other. Instead of just picking one at random, I can analyze my skills and pick the one I am best in and follow that as a career.

The point of what I have learnt in this module this week is that PDP can help, not just in media but everywhere. PDP helps me with knowing my skills and abilities and how to use then to progress further in my life and career. The long term benefit of what I learnt today was that all throughout the rest of my life, I can use what PDP has taught me to not only better myself but how to manage certain situations and problems. Also, with time comes enhanced and even new skills which can also be used in the future.

There was no task actually set to me today, therefore there is no success to report on and there was nothing I was stuck on.

As I said above I received no tasks today so I cannot comment on solutions and how I can make things better.