07/11/2011 PT – Log:

Today I continued to direct my own groups production. We actually finished filming.

There was only a couple of things that I learnt in todays lesson. The previous lesson was where I started to direct my groups production, however, this did not go all that well and we picked it up today. The first thing I learnt was what it means to be a director. Firstly, a director must always make their actors feel happy and calm ready for filming. Also, if some of the actors are having trouble with lines, me as the director, should physically go to them and help. I also learnt how to set up the camera or an over the shoulder shot. I had worked with the camera operators to get the right shot. We decided to do an over the shoulder shot for both characters in the production.

Yet again, the skills I have learnt today can most deffinatly be used in other productions throughout my time on the course and in my career. It is appropriate to use these skills as they are industry standard. In other words, these skills are known throughout the industry and are supposed to be used for its intended purpose, directing. Many of the core skills I have learnt during my time directing can be used elsewhere. For example, director’s take a leadership role within a production and these leadership skills can also be used to lead a team or event. I can see these skills coming into good use when I do the multi-camera production.

I would consider my role of director to be a success. I say this because I think I manages to visualize the scene properly and even managed to help the actors with their lines. After watching the first production process, I realized that the director for that also did a good job. From that I decided to use some of the techniques such as calling shots and so on. The reason for me using the same techniques as the other director is because they were very effective. I think I have met this part of the client brief as I think me acting as director was very successful. The only thing that I consider to have went wrong was the fact that I did not hand out enough scripts and each crew member did not have the correct documentation. Due to the short amount of time to get the production done, I could not put a solution in place. Other groups also had the same problem.

When I take up this role in future projects I must make sure that all the documentation has been completed within the allotted time. If this is done correctly then all I will need to do is make sure that the correct people get the correct documents.


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