10/11/2011 PT – Log:

Today I was given the role of the producer during the filming of another groups production.

Today I learnt about the role that a producer has throughout a production. First a producer is supposed to be given the shooting schedule which lets me know how long the team has to start and complete each shot and also the order in which shot is taken. I also learnt that I was the one to push the director if time was running out for each shot. It is important to stick to the schedule so that all the shots can be taken and so there is enough time to pack up all the equipment at the end. Not only did I learn to do all that but also I learnt that I was responsible for making sure all of the equipment was set up safely and that it was being used safely. I also got the opportunity to have my own input in the production, such as, line changes, set changes and camera angle changes. Even though I learnt a lot about being a producer today, I have the feeling that the job itself is quite small. Not much in the way of tasks can be done and seems pretty uneventful.

The skills I have learnt today can definatly be used in real life situations as well as other course productions. Not only that but I have also requested work experience in camera production to extend my skills and knowledge in this subject. What I have learnt today also supports the project I am currently doing as I have to have recorded evidence of being active in all the roles of a production.

In terms of success I think I did an average job as a producer. The reason I say this is because whenever I told the director that the production had to be done quicker, she didnt listen. Time was running out and I should have persisted and got the director to move things along.

As said above, the only real action I can take next time would be to be more firm with the director. Not only that but also more helping with dressing the set and ensuring the health and safety procedures are being met.


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