03/11/2011 PT – Log:

This is the second post for this day. Today I finished of the camera work for the first production. Then I went onto acting as a director in my own production.

Today I learnt what it is like to be a director of a production. The director is responsible for giving out all of the paperwork to the correct people. For example, a script needs to go to everyone, including cast and crew. Not only that but the camera operators need to be given a shot log which records the time for each shot and even whether they are good or bad. The producer must also have a copy of the shooting schedule for time keeping and how long it is supposed to take for each shot. The other thing I learnt today was making sure I get the callings right and in the right order. The order that I have remembered is, actors ready, camera ready, scene number, shot number, take number and then action.

As said in the previous post, all of the skills I have learnt in directing today will prove to be very useful in future productions, not just in college but in my career as well. The reason these skills being so beneficial to me is that these skills are used in the real world.

I cannot compare what I have done today with what I have done on Monday because they are both very different jobs. However, I think, after a while, I managed to get the hang or being a director. I got a little confused with some of the calling shots but in the end I think I did a good job. And I was happy with the order of the lights and the position of the camera. The only area I would really need to develop is making sure the correct people get the correct paperwork.

I can improve on the above problems by making sure I allow myself enough time to complete the pre-production documentation before I start filming the production.


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