31/10/2011 G+I – Log:

Today I gained some valuable information about design boards and also came up with a few ideas for my logo designs.

I learnt that design boards are used to express a combination of ideas. The design board should be filled with all the experiments I make and also any fonts, colours and pictures I want to use for a final design. I should also use the design board to support why I have chosen certain elements.

By using what I have learnt today, I can see how a design board can be very useful. I can combine all of my experiments and ideas into one place which I can refer to at anytime. Not only that but I helps me gather ideas for a final design for the Graphics and Interactive Media assignment. This skill/technique can be transfered throughout all of my creative lessons and experiences during the course. The reason I say this is because all of my courses have some sort of creative side, where a design board can be created and used.

I have not done much research into design boards and I have not yet created my own so I cannot comment on success or even compare design boards.

Because of what was said above, I cannot comment on any improvements that can be made.


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