07/10/2011 SS – Log:

Today I attended a lecture of liberal press theory, which will help me with my case study and possibly my literature review.

First I learnt what liberal press actually means. The first word liberal stands for free, such as free attitude or to be free. Press basically stands for any type of media. By putting the two together, I got the definition of freedom of speech and the freedom to publish the free word. A process of cause and effect brings up the liberal press theory. For example, the English, American and French revolution brought about the right to free speech and therefor liberal press. The theory behind liberal press is that ideology has informed liberal press and that freedom of press is rooted in the freedom to publishing the free market. There are a number of arguments surrounding liberal press theory, one of which is that the attainment of truth, is only attained if there is in fact truth. This argument I actually agree with. Liberal press can only be free if there are fact being put forward by the media. No matter the media, truth is always found and that is the true freedom of press (liberal press). However, it did get me thinking, the media, essentially secondary sources such as newspapers and websites, are considered more unreliable than primary sources. This leads me to believe that the ‘truth’ we all ‘seem’ to see is in-fact influenced by unreliable sources and possibly manipulated. Making the media not free at all, but manipulated ideas of what is perceived to be the real truth. This is only an idea put forward by me, with no evidence to back it up apart from my own thoughts.

This piece of knowledge will have no effect on my literature review or my case study as it has no relevance. However, this sort of thing has always peeked my interest and could provide to be very useful when looking at the press and media and how it has evolved. My case study does however touch on this subject a little bit but not in the pursuit of truth but change instead.

I did not get involved in any tasks today as the lecture and discussion took up all the time. Therefore, I cannot comment on success or solution. However, I would like to be able to support my view on the truth contained in press theory and freedom of speech to be false. This means I would need research and back up what I have said.


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