07/10/2011 CT2 – Log:

Todays lesson consisted on learning the basics of flash.

The program started from just creating cartoon animation, this evolved into the program we use today. I learnt quite a lot about what the Adobe Flash program can actually handle. This knowledge came from both the lecture and my last two years in national diploma. Flash uses a particular programming language to make animation controllable, in other words, human computer interaction. Flash much prefers vectors so the animation and sizes of animation can be resized without lossless of quality. Image manipulation is very hard in Flash, however, using Photoshop for this process is much easier as you can import the finished image afterwards. Flash is also widely used throughout the Internet, not only for websites but also games and applications. From previous experience and knowledge I have found out that Flash in websites can be very complicated as it is hard to amend a website and browsers need a plug-in to be able to view that particular content. The program is capable creating and performing complex animation such as transitions and effects, a good example of this would be in on-line brochures. There are a number of advantages to using Flash, a few of these are quick download times, live streaming, interactive and easy work-flow. As there are advantages, there of course, must be disadvantages, some of these are, action script is very difficult, java and PHP are replacing key flash elements and the website is difficult to maintain. This program seems quite the idea choice for creating the ident for my creative tech project. However, after considering that I will be assessed more on the software I use rather than the quality, I might choose another program. The reason for this is because Flash can be a very complex learning curve and will take up a lot of my time. Therefore, I am considering another program.

The importance of what I learnt today was to help me experiment with various techniques within the Flash program. Not only that but I think that (even though it was not in the task sheet or brief) it will help me choose if it is the ideal program to build my idents in. Also knowing the history and the uses of the program have proved to be very useful as it extends my knowledge of the subject and informs me into what is actually possible in terms of bringing the ident to life.

I did have a task for todays lesson and it was to play around with the Flash program and see what is possible. This actually proved hard for me as I did not manage to grasp the simple stuff very easily. Having said that, my designs and experiments did not reflect my best work.

After trying out some experiments in Flash I can see that my tasks did not go all that well. However, I think the solution to my unsuccessful experiments would be more time using Flash and possibly making use of tutorials online. This method has actually worked well for me in the past. When I first started using Photoshop I found it hard to use it. After using some tutorials I ended up getting the hang of it. Therefore, from past experience I think online tutorials may work.


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