03/10/2011 G+I – Log:

Today I continued with creating logos, by only using letters and words by playing around with typography. As well as this, I went through answering some questions about logos in general. Some of these questions well appear here.

Today I learnt a great deal about using typography in logos, or to be more accurate, only using typography in logos. I learnt that a logo can look professional even if it just includes letters. For each task I produced today, some questions came with them, I will answer these here as it reflects what I learnt.

  • Does it look better in serif or san-serif typeface? In terms of the college art, design and meadia logo, san serif is the better option. I say this because san serif is a lot smother without the extra tails and so on at the end of some letters that serif has. Art design and media (ADM) sounds like a fun sort of course so the logo should be fun and arty. That is why san serif is better than serif because serif looks looks like a more serious font.
  • What variants worked well best? During the tasks that I have done today, I learnt that using all lowercase letter works better for this particular logo than all uppercase or a mixture. I did try a number of different variants such as initials in all uppercase which worked and then the whole worlds all in lowercase which also worked. Below is an example of the different variants I have tried that worked well.

    The picture above is evidence of what I have learnt by using different techniques to create a logo based on typography. I learnt and implemented such techniques like changing letter spacing and monograms. Other than learning all this I also learnt how to create my own font by making amendments to an existing font. This can done by using photoshop and illustrator. There are a number of other questions based around each task. I have covered everything I have learnt in this part of the log and included a couple of general questions.

    The point to learning all of this is to show that a professional and simple logo can be created by only using typography. Not only that but it was good to know all the different techniques to typography because this will help create my own unique style when creating the final designs for the art, design and media department logo.

    The logos I created today went really well. I especially liked playing around with the letter spacing which helps me create unique logos. A couple of these examples are in the above picture. I also liked playing around with monograph logos, monograph logos are logos that have letter attached to make other letters. Some of these examples are also in the picture above. There are plenty of logos that use the same method for unique and simplistic typography designs. For example see the image to the right; This example is from pp108-109 – Ambrose, G., & Harris, P., 2010, Design Thinking, Ava Press, London.

    Something that did not go so well was creating my own font. I couldn’t come up with many creative ideas, this may be because of the program I was using. therefore, next time I create my own font I think it might be worth while to watch some tutorials and experiment within the program too. I would also like to experiment with more colors in the logos as well as a few different fonts.


One comment on “03/10/2011 G+I – Log:

  1. Great to see some visuals and learn about your thought processes. It would be good to comment using more technical terms and referring to the technical processes of things. All of the key questions in the lectures should be responded to in your blog as well. You can combine the notes and the reflective log section in one blog post in the week and also include the work that you have created for the homework. This might speed things up for you. Also try and justify your arguments. Why have we done things in certain ways, who suggested it and why that program?

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