30/09/2011 CT2 – Log:

Today, one of the founders of a company came in to talk to the entire class about the ident assignment. I also showed him the first designs I came up with for the ident and got some good feedback.

I learnt a hell of a lot today, not just about the ident but also what the company does and so on. I found out that the company started from just Christmas parties for freelancers and so on. Speakers at these parties grew and grew and eventually developed into what the company is today. The ident is supposed to be used for introductions to speakers, and films that have been taken from other events. Therefore, the ident should be no longer than 30 seconds. The founder who came to see us also mentioned that he thinks audio is important and that the correct audio in the ident could make or break it. The audience is obviously for people in the industry but also students who have an interest and even people all over the world. I also picked up that the ident should not be picture heavy and I should leave out buildings due to copyright. Small videos can also be put in to represent certain elements of the company.

The point to learning all this was so that I could get a much better idea of how to design and produce the ident. Knowing how long the ident is supposed to be is really valuable, because then I wont get to waste time creating an ident that lasts for longer. Other things such as knowing what to put in the ident, like pictures, video and so on is good because now I know exactly what content can be used.

I created 5 different ident designs to show to the client. Once he looked at my designs and gave me some feedback. Most of the designs were no good, however, there were some elements of some designs which he really liked. For example, the blue, wavy lines seemed good and I can now use it in another designs. The only problems I had with creating these designs is that I think I did not have enough information to go on and I struggled to come up with these ideas. Also I put things into these designs that had no relevance to to company or branding.

As mentioned above, I did not have enough information to go on when creating my designs. So a good way of avoiding this in the future is to research on the company/client a lot. This way, I get enough information and I can use this information to relate back to my designs.


One comment on “30/09/2011 CT2 – Log:

  1. Matt, try to write in a less informal way. Instead of writing: “The point to learning this was to” you could say: “This is important because…” This justifies your arguments more.

    Also try and say who suggested to work in this way. All of the lectures will be based on tips and ideas from people in the media industry. You can use their opinions to back up your arguments. Otherwise, when it comes to the end of the assignment you wont be able to reference anyone as you will have forgotten them.

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