29/09/2011 SS – Log:

Today I got a small lecture about how to reference correctly. Not only that but I went through my 200 word pre-proposal for my case study. My lecturer gave me some valuable texts to read which will considerably help.

The first thing I learnt was how to reference properly. There is too much to explain in this but I can give an overview. I now know how to reference books, journals, websites, DVDs/CDs and articals. I have to reference them based on the Harvard system (handout = chi online). I also learnt how to cite them in my assignments. For example, I can cite quotes directly or indirectly. Directly means that I use the exact words and then use it to support one of my own points. Indirect is taking a quote and putting it into my own words, maybe my own perspective. All sources I use should be put into the reference list for the assignment and in the overall bibliography. I also managed to sort out what I am finally doing for case study after having the lecturer looking at my pre-proposal. I am comparing Alvin Toffler’s hypothesis in Future Shock with what has actually happend in todays world. More will be revealed in future logs.

The point to learning all this today was to make sure I have a concrete start and foundation to base my case study on. Learning about the correct way to reference to very important and helpful because it is a must. My uni has stated that referencing must be done correctly.

There was only one real problem when I wrote my pre-proposal and that was that I did not have a very clear idea of what to write about. This would be something to consider when I write my proper proposal.

A solution to the above could be researching and finding references before I even write my proposal. This Is something I can put in place when I write up my real proposal. If I research and gain reference lists before I start any real work, it can help me greatly.


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