29/09/2011 C+W Log

Today I went through different types of narrative structure and how each of them are different in their own ways. This also ties in a bit with production techniques.

The firs thing I learnt was a simple explanation of what a narrative is, a narrative is the way in which a story is told in both fictional and non-fictional media texts. I learnt a lot about the different types of narrative structures. I have decided to put this into a list to reflect what I have learnt.

  • Open: This structure supports a small number of characters while following a series of events. Such as Buffy, Lost and Heros
  • Closed: This structure is used for such things like commentary, such as, sports events and so on.
  • Single Strand: This structure follows one character only and their events. Such as Indiana Jones.
  • Multi-Strand: This structure is following the events of key characters happening at the same time. For example, Heros
  • Linear: This structure runs the events of a story in chronological order.
  • None-Linear: This structure does the opposite where it does not follow the story events in chronological order. Maybe uses flashbacks, such as the end is shown in the beginning.
  • Investigative Narrative: This structure follows a quest or mystery being pursued or explained. (Thriller)
  • Realist: This structure supports and idea to appear plausible and coherent.
  • Anti-Realist: This structure is someone telling the story why it is happening. For example, Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption.

Some of these narrative structures can be combined. For example, Heros is both open structure and multi-strand structure. The final thing I learnt today is cause and effect in production. These tie into the narrative structures I have learnt also today. Cause and effect happens a lot throughout a program or film and must be thought about during production. I basically learnt that everything that happens in a production has an effect on something else. For example, if a plane crashes, this has an effect on the people on the plan, the people on the ground and the area around the crash is affected. This plane caused and effect and that effect will cause more effects.

The point to learning all this today was to add to my knowledge of script writing and how it could possibly turn out on screen. Narrative structure is important to know for when I create any scripts as it helps with the structure of the story and how it will be told and portrayed on screen.

I cannot comment on any task because this lesson was lecture only.

I also cannot comment on any solutions to problems or tasks because I did not get set any.


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