26/09/2011 G+I – Log:

Today in graphics and interactive lesson I went through the assignment brief for this unit. Not only that but I also started some of the tasks that will either contribute to the overall coursework, or help me prepare.

Today I learnt that the assignment asks for an entire branding and web presence for a company. The company is actually the art-design media section of Chichester college. This project covers the whole year so I have quite some time to do it. I also learnt what a logo is, why they are used and what makes a good logo. For example, a logo is created using a combination of images, text and typography. The logo is associated with the business and should be eye catching and simple to those who see it. This makes it easier for people to associate the logo with that particular company.

The general point to learning all this was to help me throughout my project. For example, knowing what goes into a logo can prove to be very helpful. I will need to create my own logo and knowing that a simple combination or images and letter could mean make or break for marketing a business. Most people already know what a logo is, but they don’t know what actually goes into a logo and what effect it has on people. I learnt this today, and it will be very helpful to know the effect logos have on people.

I got give the task of creating 5 different logo designs for my project. I created three logos in class and the rest at home (will continue to tomorrows log). The first logo I created was not very good, too much was going on and I could see it would not easily resemble a business. The second logo I designed worked a little better, I used only a few letters and tweaked them a bit. This was a lot more simplistic. The final design I did in class seemed to be a cross between the two. A lot of other people around the class used a similar method to what I had used in the second design and it worked out well for them too. The only thing that went wrong during these designs was that the first design I created was quite bad. To correct this I had to strip my design right down and make it more simply, which led to design 2 and 3. Both design 2 and 3 lead more towards a solutions to the failed design 1.

Next time I do designs for branding such as logos and so on, I think I should take a hard look into the elements of a real design. In this case its logos, logos need to be simple and effective. As stated above, my first design was not very good, so to correct this next time I should keep in mind the keep target for the logo and do I really need anything more than simple image or text. Maybe taking a step back from the screen and seeing it from different angles will help with this.


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