26/09/2011 C+W – Log:

Today I was given a presentation about narrative theories. not only that but I also got told to produce an ultimate film list. The other tasks I got given today was to complete the amended script.

I learnt a lot about narrative theory as well as loads of example. A narrative theory is how the sequence of events of a production should be portray in a certain order. An example I learnt was that there are 3 main acts in a production, the beginning, the middle and the end. The beginning is where the setting of the film is put in place, such as locations, characters and so on. The middle is for the main conflict and action. The end is where theres the big showdown and a solution to the story is made. I learnt that there are different versions of these 3 acts, all follow the 3 acts ‘rule’ but break them down into much more detailed sections. For example, in Syd Field’s explanation of narrative theory he suggests there should be a number of turning points and pinches throughout to keep the story interesting.

The point to learning this was to help me with my script writing. I am going to need to know how to write a script from beginning to end and what goes into each act. I do not need to follow any specific technique, only the one that suites me. The information I got today will help me greatly with the writing of scrips as it gives me ideas of how to make the script progress throughout the writing process.

Thanks to the things I have learnt today, the script I amended turned out really well I thought. The script was only for one scene but it has a beginning, a middle and an end. Not only that but I followed one of the simple setups for the script, starting with the setting, then a conflict and then a conclusion. I think, that because I followed what I had learnt, that the script I wrote was great. The technique I used for this script reflect the technique I learnt about today. That is why I consider this method successful as others have used it before. I also thought that the script I wrote was quite creative in the fact of the revised theme and dialog.

I think, that with my next script, I should make sure I stick to the brief but more importantly, research on more creative methods to writing scripts. Even though todays task was very small, I struggled a little bit at time from ideas. If it was a long script of a whole act or even a whole production, I might struggle a lot. Therefore, researching for better methods and ideas could be very beneficial in future scripts.


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