23/09/2011 CT2 – Log:

Today I went through yet another assignment brief, the one I have been waiting for. Not only that but I also got given a task to do to start off the assignment.

I learnt a lot today, not only about the assignment briefs but also specific terms and parts of the assignment. The assignment brief stated that 20th of January is the deadline and everthing must be in. One of the first things I learnt today was the process I must use to complete all the tasks in the course. This process has 7 stages. The first is defining the brief which means, I need to know exactly what I need to do and what materials I might need to complete the project. The second stage is research, which means I have to find out the audience, colour scheme and so on for the artifact. The third stage is ideate solution, which means I have to come up with ideas and start developing these ideas and test out some examples and elements. The fourth stage is meeting the client and presenting them with the prototypes to see if it exactly what they were looking for. The fifth is to develop prototypes. For this project I have been asked to create a family of idents, therefore, I need to create a family of prototypes and draft copies. The sixth stage is implementing the prototypes, so perfecting them and getting them work. This is the stage where I will create the whole family of idents (as mentioned above). The final stage is for learning and feedback. So getting people to evaluate what I have done and then decide on what I would do differently if I were to to do the project again. I also learnt that before the project I should find some background information on the clients company. This means finding out how many people work there, the branding of the company and what the company actually does. I also gathered information on what an ident actually is. For example, it is to market a business or TV channel not as an advert but as a snippet in-between programs and adverts. Idents also have to be interesting and entertaining to ensure it attracts attention.

The point to learning this large amount of information is to give me a good head start to the project. It has also got me ready to start and complete the first task I was given. This first task was to come up with 5 different ident designs. The point to learning what an ident is, is to make sure I know what an ident does and what is required to make a good ident.

I cannot comment on the success of any tasks because I have only just been given the task.

I also cannot comment on and task solutions for the same reason


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