22 to 23/09/2011 C+MS – Log:

Today I went through the second ‘writing’ assignment. Not only but I got a lot of information about what the difference between a literacy review is and how it is different from a case study.

This second assignment is a literacy review that has a deadline of the end of the first year and must consist of 2000 words just like the first assignment. And just like the first assignment, the references, quotes and bibliography does not count towards to the word count. I learnt that a literacy review is an explanation of a specific area, with many sources used to write about one subject. I also learnt that during a literacy review, I could spurn new thinking ideas and even come to a new conclusion or view on the area I write about. I also got an insight in a strategy I may use to plan and write out my literacy review. In this strategy there are 7 stages. First is the planning, which consists of an action plan, setting targets and leaving time for editing and proofreading of the plan. The second stage is searching for the materials I will use to support my argument and/or writing in my literacy review. The third stage is the hypothesis where I outline what I expect from the outcome of the project. The fourth is the literacy review which is simply the document of the argument and my writing on the area. The fifth is how I am going to implement the points I have talked about in the literacy review. The sixth is the collection/analysis using the data from the previous stage. The final stage is the conclusion, where I state things like, ‘have I met my goal’ for example.

The point of learning all of this today is to get me ready to write my assignment. There were a lot of notes that I took that reflect what I have written above. Another point to what I learnt was to give me enough information on how to structure my review and exactly what sort of content is supposed to be put into it.

Again I cannot talk about the success of any tasks because I didn’t get given any tasks

I also cannot comment on the solutions to any problems or tasks because I haven’t been given any tasks yet.


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