22/09/2011 SS – Log:

Today was my first HE study skills lesson. I did not do any tasks in this lesson, I just went through two assignment briefs. These two assignment briefs are the only two assignments for the HE study skills module. The first had a deadline of the end of the first semester and the second deadline is for the very end of the year.

I learnt about what is required in each of these assignments. The first assignment (deadline – end if 1st semester) asks me to basically create a case study consisting of 1500 words. This does not include references, quotes or the bibliography. The case study can be on anything I wish. I did have a couple of ideas on what I would like to do, either the change between WWII/post-war propaganda and modern propaganda or how website design and development has changed based on updated programs (CS1-CS5) and new code releases (HTML-HTML5). The second assignment breif I went through a little bit but the lecturer said that a more in depth explaination would be given tomorrow.

The point of what I learnt today is simply to prepare me for when I start these assignments. It was very useful to know what I will have to write about and how much I have to write. It was also good to know about the deadlines as this is very important in this course. By knowing these deadlines I can plan my time accordingly. I was also great to be allowed to pick the topic of my case study. This gives me time to think about a subject that I enjoy and possibly give my own views and input towards the topic.

I cannot report on the success of the task because I have not yet been given any tasks.

I also cannot report on solutions about the tasks for obvious reasons.


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