22/09/2011 C+W – Log:

Again, I did not do much in the way of work today, only a few little tasks. Some of my class mates read out two small scripts, which I have print outs of. Not only that but I actually read out the last script myself.

I learnt quite a lot in todays lessons. The first thing I learnt was what a monologue was and what is included in a monologue. Another word for a monologue is the ‘Character Makeup’. This means that when an actor comes for an audition they are given the monologue/character makeup so the actor has an idea what character he/she is playing. To be more clear, the character makeup includes the name, gender, hobbies, back-story, age, goal, habits, marital status, relationships, occupation and appearance of the character in the script. An actor will need to know all this to be able to portray the character correctly. I also learnt a bit about film genres. I learnt that a sub genre is a film that has two genres. For example, a film can be both action and thriller, making the film and action-thriller. I learnt what intertextualality means as well, which is where a film or similar sort of media refers to another film or text. An example of this a a game I have played called Resident Evil, during the opening scene there is a zombie with a t-shirt that has the film ‘Shaun of the Dead’ on it. The slugline in a script is a line at the top of the script which outlines the place and time of day of the scene. I also know now, the layout of a script and even what fonts to use and so on.

The point of todays small tasks was to give me some experience with reading lines of a script. This will help me when I am behind the camera as a director and will let me know what I want from other actors. Not only that, but reading out the script gives me an idea oh how I want the script to be put forward. For example, the tone of voice used and so on. The point of learning about the monologue/character markup is so that when it comes to creating and filming my own production, I can create my own monologue. The point of learning some bit about the genres was that I will need to choose a genre when I create my own production and scripts. Not only that but it allows me to target a specific audience such as people who like action-thriller films. Intertextualality proved to be very useful also as it allows for additional advertising using other films and so on.

I cannot talk about the success side again as I have not been given any sort of tasks so far.

I also cannot talk about solutions to the task, again because I have not received any.


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