19/09/2011 PT – Log:

Like the PDP lesson, I did not do much in the way of work here either. Most of the lesson consisted of note-taking. However, I did get to witness two other students reading out a small script. Not only that but I also got to play around with a few peice of software that I will use throughout my time on the course.

Even though the work load was small, I did learn a lot in this lesson. The first thing I learnt was about the Production Process, which had five major sections. The first is the investigation phase, which allows me to gather unpinned knowledge, through researching and so on. The second phase is called pre-production, which allows for planning, experimenting and the developing of a production. The third phase is production, which is the actual development stage of a production and also applying the techniques I have learnt into the production. The fourth phase of the production process is post-production. This phase is really important because its where I would do my first evaluation of the production, so deciding if it is fit for its intended purpose and if there was a spec, did the production meet it? The fifth and final phase of the production process is the evaluation process. This process is simply reflecting on the whole process to see if all the requirements have been met and what I would do differently if I were to do the production again. The other thing I learnt was the typical way in which a script is laid out and read aloud. Not only that but I also got a bit of information on the different colours of scripts after it has been revised, such as white, pink, blue. I have also learnt some of the technical names for some of the characters in a production, for example, the protagonist is the main character and the main conflict is the antagonist. I learnt how to use a number of different programs as well. I did not get taught how to to use these programs, only to play around with them for a bit.

The point to learning the things I have mentioned above is to get me ready for my first and future productions. Knowing the process of production is key and will prove to be very useful in my own projects, both personal and coursework. Not only that but knowing how to read out a script and prove to useful. I say this because when I get to write my own script I have to think how an actor is going to say it and how the actor is going to use the right tone of voice and so on. So when I am writing a script I will need to think about how the actor is going to react. It was good to play around with a few of the programs because it gives me an insight into what I might be doing in future project. It also gave me the chance to get an idea of the program environment, such as location of tools and so on.

As I have not done any work for this subject yet, I cannot log how well I have done certain tasks or any feedback for tasks.

I cannot comment on the solution of today either, due to the fact that no tasks were given.


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