Notes for 19/09/2011:

Personal Development Planning (Dan)


  • PDP can help with career direction. It lets me decide on what skills can help with a certain career direction. For example, I could have a bunch of skills in website design and development, but I am better at designing than developing. This would help me realize I should go down the design career path.
  • PDP can also help in decision making, this is sort of similar to the note above. Whereas, decision making could be for anything not just career options.
  • Competitive for the job can be helped by PDP also. When I know which skills I am good in, it will help me during the application of a job. The better the skills I have the more likely I will be chosen for a job, therefore, competitive against the other applicants.
  • PDP can also help greatly with talking to employees during interviews and so on. For example, employees ask you for your skills and most people say things like ‘good in a team’ and ‘always on time’. However, employees only really want to here about your real skills such as, PHP, HTML, Graphics design and so on. This will help even more with getting a job by outlining my actual skills.
  • With the vast range of skills and qualities I would discovery with the help of PDP, I can use these skills in different situations to help resolve problems. Sort of like a problem solving toolkit because all the skills I know could be adapted to solve many different problems.
  • As I have said before, PDP can help to identify my own personal skills. However, it will also help me identify what skills I lack in which is a bit of a negative, this negative can be put into a positive by building and the skills I don’t have or lack in.


  • PDP can help with time management. This is because after knowing your own personal skills, you can adapt these skills to manage your time correctly.
  • You feel a lot more confident knowing which skills you have. It will generally help having more skills to boast your confidence level.
  • Setting personal goals is an important part of PDP. This is because setting goals can help you progress throughout a project, life and so on. For example, if there is a skill you want to learn or something you want to do, setting goals towards it can help you achieve that goal.
  • PDP can help with solving personal problems also by using each of your skills in a different situation. Also, with the development of new skills allows you to solve new problems.
  • PDP helps with social interaction and communication. This is similar to ‘talking to employees’ note above.
  • PDP can help with concentration by helping you keep focused on certain tasks. It is also beneficial to have an interest in the task itself, which helps with concentration.
  • PDP helps you deal with processing criticism.

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