Notes for 16/09/2011:

Harvard APA and Citing Referencing

Harvard APA is used as a guide to reference materials correctly to ensure that work is stolen from others and credit is give appropriately.

Year 1 Module Notes

Creative Media Tech 2

  • The use of various pieces of software such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and Premier Pro. These skills are to be developed in this module
  • Creating moving images using a combination of the software stated in the above note. An example put forward was that Photoshop can now combine and edit video footage.
  • 30th September, agreed lecture with someone named Tom (need second name). Will have to create questionnaire to ask him media related questions.

Digital Graphics and Interactive Media

  • Been told we will be promoting an entire business, this means a real client. This also means deadlines MUST be met!
  • Also told we will be creating the front end and back end of a website to give the business an online presence
  • Will be looking into what goes into logo designs and possibly creating my own logos. Will most likely include, what draws people to a logo.
  • Will also have to design and create the branding for the entire company, setting out colour schemes and so on.
  • Have to create a Indent for Heart and Sole convention. The best one will be picked and used at their convention. (Try to win…could open up job opportunities).

Creative Writing 1 and 2

  • Creative writing is tied into scripting. Scripting is used in a large number of media productions such as films, news, music videos, indents, Apps, websites, treatment, plots, games, radio and TV ads.

Personal Development Planning

  • Build on my professional skills
  • Self skills audit to decide what my skills are and how I can possibly expand on them. Not only that, but build my skills on things that I do not know much about.

Year 1 Module Notes

Work Based Learning 2

  • Work experience is optional in year 1 but is needed in year 2. College may have available sources to get work experience for me and I will have contacts myself to get my own work experience.

Developing Professional Skills

  • Self explanatory really, will be expanding on our existing professional skills.

Introduction to Research Methods

  • Do not quite understand why this is in the second year as we would already know how to research. Must inquire.
  • Will have to produce a disitation if I want to go onto top-up year to get full degree.

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