Audio Phrase Definitions:


The boom is a long pole attached to a microphone used in TV studios and film making. The boom can be operated from afar due to the microphone being attached to a long pole. The benefit of this is that no one needs to get in the way with a hand held microphone or unnecessary wires. The boom is used to record audio, generally voices of actors in a production that is being filmed.

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Audio Dub:

Reserved for audio dub

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Reserved for cans

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An audio jack is used a lot in television studios especially and even at home. An audio jack in a television studio is used to balance the connection between audio objects. For example, you could have a jack attached to the boom and the other end of the boom can be plugged into a camera or an amp, which can amplify the audio sound. Jacks can also be used to stable the connection between headphones and a stereo. Some headphones cannot be connected to a stereo because the connector is too small. If you use a jack ,then you can connect the headphones.

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Stereo has two similar meanings. The first of which is the stereo system, which gives off sound after a CD or tape has been put into it. The sound comes out from external speakers but these days, speakers can come along with the stereo (internal speakers). The second definition of stereo is better known as stereophonic sound. Stereophonic sound divides the sound into two individual channels. These divided sounds are then combined and mixed together, however, some elements of the the combined sound are sent to the left and the right speakers.

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Zoom Microphone:

A Zoom microphone is actually a hand held microphone, the new model of the zoom microphone is actually smaller than a pencil. The word Zoom is the name of the manufacturer of the small hand held microphone.



Soundbridge is a device that can stream live Internet radio and streamed audio. The audio that comes out of the soundbridge can be played from a home network, WiFi and even by using an Ethernet cable.


Ambient Sound:

Reserved for ambient sound

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Non Diegetic Sound:

Reserved for non diegetic sound

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