Animation Phrase Definitions:


A tween is a term and a technique used often in the Adobe Flash software. A tween is the same thing as saying in-between. In Flash you have two types of tweens, the motion tween and the shape tween. A tween in flash will automatically create frames between two key frames. For example, if you want a shape to transform into another shape as an animation, you can you a tween. You will have the starting shape in the first frame and the finish shape in the last frame (for example: frame 10). After that, you can put the shape tween in and Flash will fill in the transition between both start frame and the finish frame. Then when you run the animation, it looks like one shape is changing into another.

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Flash has a number of meaning and uses but most of them are connected to the Adobe Flash software and the Flash Player website plug-in. Animation ties into both the Flash software and Flash Player plug-in. Adobe Flash is a piece of software that is used to create very high quality animations. There are huge advantages to using Flash for animations because of the huge amount of tools and techniques available you can create professional animation that not many other programs are capable of. Not only can Flash create animation but it is capable of creating games, galleries, slide-shows and websites with the help if action script (see action script in Web Definitions for more). If Flash is used to create something for the Internet, the browser must have the Flash Player plug-in installed. Without it you will not be able to use any flash websites or web applications that have been built in Adobe Flash.

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A rostrum is actually a specially made camera which is used to animate still images or objects.

Quote: I”t consists of a moving lower platform on which the article to be filmed is placed, while the camera is placed above on a column.” (Could not reword).


Single Frame

A single frame is simply a frame that contains anything from images to video to audio. A single frame can run for however long you want it, obviously if you want an animation, you are going to have slightly tweaked content in each individual frame. (possibly correct definition)

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Claymation is a type of animation techniques used. Claymation is done by using clay or a similar materal to create objects to be used in an animation. The way an animation is made in claymation is a number of still pictures put together and when run, gives the effect of an animation. For example, a scene will be set up first, then the picture is taken. After the first picture is taken, the scene is slightly changed and then another picture is take. This will carry on until the desired amount of images/shots have been taken. All images get put together with a program that will run one picture after another at a certain frame rate. This gives the effect of animated objects. An example of a claymation project is the ever so famous Wallace and Gromit.

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A zoetrope is another technique for animation. This type of animation is done through using a cylinder, the cylinder normally has a stick coming out from the bottom. On the outside of the cylinder the are a number of vertical slits, on the inside of the cylinder there is a number of following images. This images can be part of a story, movie or animation and they are stuck to the inside of the cylinder. If you hold the stick below the cylinder in the palm of each hand and spin it quickly while looking through the slits, you can see the series of images running in-between the slits consecutively. This gives the effect that the pictures are moving and that it is an animation.

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Persistence of Vision

Persistence of vision is a phi phenomenon of the eye. This means that a series of images are moving fast enough to be able to give the impression that something is moving. Each frame (image) must move fast enough to give the impression of movement and animation. Therefore, each frame must move at 24th of a second in succession to make this happen. This is known as frames per second and a 24th of a second is the typical speed used in movies and so on. There are a number of different uses for animation and using the frame rate mentioned above. Most animated movies use the 24th of a second frame rate as it gives a smoother and more refined animation/moving effect.

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Reserved for cells/frames

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